Buttonathon for the 2012 MOBO Awards

MOBO Awards Button Corsages

A couple of weeks ago a request was put out asking for items for the 2012 MOBO Awards. They ranged from decorating the tables to welcome packs and gifts to go in the green room. I Heart Buttons requested to make 350 Button Corsages for the Top Tier VIPs!  After a couple of days waiting to hear.. the answer was YES! They wanted my button corsages.  There were now less than three weeks to complete the mission.

First I had to think about how to incorporate the MOBO's into a button corsage. It was an obvious choice to have something music related... but what? I had seen music note buttons but time was short and, if being honest, I didn't feel these were right for my corsages - a bit too plasticky if you know what I mean. Then, a brainwave occurred and the music sheet button idea was in place. I had previously made buttons for a bride who wanted music incorporated into her bouquet. But that was just 5 buttons. I had to make 350... really? Do I have time? Hell yeah - let's go!! So with just 9 days to go I got ordering and making.

I wanted to make a 2 stem corsage, so in fact it was 700 stems I had to make.  Every time I wasn't sorting the kids out, I was making up stems. It seemed endless.

Was heading to my parents for a visit on 30 October for a few days.  The  button corsages needed to be with the MOBO organiser on 2nd November. Courier was booked for 1 November. So I brought all my kit with me to continue making at my parents.

By 10am on 31st October, all the stems were finally made up and just needed to be ribboned.  I had some black ribbon already plus a new 100 meter roll I had bought before I left. But OMG!!! I opened the new roll, and it was MIDNIGHT BLUE! I had been given MIDNIGHT BLUE! I could of cried!!

It was a Wednesday and local shops were either shut or only had 5 meters max in stock. A frantic phonecall to Orpington Hobbycraft and my high spirits returned! On arrival they had 50 meters left. PHEW!!! I rushed back home and continued ribboning.

Got to around 7pm and I knew then it would be a late one. Mother was helping me to add the strip of ribbon in the MOBO colours on the corsages. My 3 and 4 year old, along with my brother were unwrapping the boxes they were going to be presented in. It was like a wall of boxes on the table!

Mum put Rita Ora on the stereo to get us in the mood. Got to 1am and still the pile of corsages hadn't shifted! Crisps and coffee saw us through until daylight arrived.

It was around 6.30am when we had finally finished packing them all up, checking them all and then packing into one large box for delivery. Exhausted wasn't the word! A huge buttonathon but was over the moon as the corsages looked fab.

Courier came around midday and I could finally relax a little.

When I looked at Facebook today I was so so pleased to see https://www.facebook.com/MOBOofficial had posted up three photos of my corsages!


An amazing opportunity given to I Heart Buttons by so many many MANY thanks to Sue!

And a massive THANK YOU to David at www.illustrationbooth.com for all his help!

I Heart Buttons..... spreading the button lurve to the MOBO VIPs !!!

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