wedding buquet

New to I Heart Buttons....

Beautiful Brooch bouquets!!  We are pleased to announce we are taking orders for full brooch bouquets.  We can use new brooches and vintage brooches.  If you have any sentimental brooches you would like incorporated you are more than welcome to send them to us for inclusion.This gorgeous brooch bouquet was our first and made for my gorgeous bride Fallon. Fallon sent me offcuts from her wedding dress which I made into ribbon and used on the stem.  She also sent me the appliques from the offcuts which I made into leaves for the collar of the bouquet.  It was a ball of sparkles and received a lot of attention in the boutique when I was making it.  Fallon also had one of our solid silver date tags attached to the underside of the bouquet which read 10/4/16.

I can't wait to see her wedding photos which I will share with you when I have them.  If you are interested in having a brooch bouquet made by I Heart Buttons, do get in touch :)