How to personalise your Wedding Button Bouquet

I Heart Buttons bouquets are perfect for being able to personalise, making it just that extra little bit special for you!  

Since starting out in 2011, I have personalised many bouquets and buttonholes and thought I would share some of the ideas with you.

  • Why not RSVP your guests for buttons? I have had a few brides do this, which has intrigued their guests!  It doesn't matter if you can't supply all the buttons as I can make up the numbers with my collection.  This way, all your guests get to be a part of your bouquet and it will definitely create a talking point on your day.  This was Kim's bouquet made from the RSVP'd buttons.
  • Most people can remember their Nan having a button tin.  Back in the day it was the done thing to cut off the buttons of clothes going to the rag, and keep them in a tin.  If your Nan had a tin - why not select some which I can then add to the bouquet? They don't have to be ornate or in excellent condition as I can always add them underneath the main buttons - so only you know they are there but will have a little piece of your Nan with you.
  • You could incorporate your hobby, interest or something that reflects you.  In the past I have added a guitar to a bouquet, with the bride being a guitar teacher.  I have also added in cupcakes and candy hearts made bespoke in animal print and purple, for an animal print loving bride.  These represented her favourite things and her tattoos.
  • Staying with this theme, why not personalise the buttonholes for your groom and wedding party?  I recently had a pilot who was getting wed, send me his airline badges to be included in his and his groomsmen’s buttonholes.  I also had a groom who had his best man’s buttonhole made in a gothic theme, the other was a lorry driver, so had a lorry theme and he is a computer engineer so I incorporated a keyboard key with other computer-esque pieces. 
  • Handprints (or paw prints) of your family or pet(s).  I work closely with a talented silversmith who, if you send her a handprint (or paw print) she will replicate this onto a silver charm which can then be included in your bouquet.  This option is available when you order your bespoke bouquet.
  • Talking of pets, why not have your pet there with you, in brooch form?  I have added a dachshund, a bulldog and a labrador brooch/button which has reflected a very special pet who wouldn't be able to be there on the day.
  • Material - I can cover buttons in material - perhaps a wedding dress of a relative? Or just a piece of clothing special to you.
  • A photo charm, locket or how about a photo of your loved one?  Photo charms can be hung from the handle. If you send me a locket of a loved one, I can attach this to the bouquet or I have my exclusive "Aisle be with you" design of bouquet which incorporates a photo frame in the centre of your bouquet so your loved one can walk with you down the aisle.
  • Jewellery - I can add all kinds of sentimental jewellery to your bouquet.  I have added tie pins, brooches, necklaces, earrings, rings, and watches.  I recently made a bouquet which incorporated the bride’s parents watches in the bouquet which was a lovely touch.  Previously I was also sent a beautiful linked bracelet which belonged to the brides Nan. I broke up the links and incorporated the pieces into her bouquet and also one piece into the grooms buttonhole.  My button bride Sam sent me a sentimental bracelet which I added to the handle.  
  • Something else I Heart Buttons offers is a DIY SOS service which uses all your buttons! I will blog about this option soon.

I hope you have found this information useful. You don't have to add anything to your bouquet, of course, but the option is there should you wish.