Advice on Choosing your Button Bouquet Maker

Been ages since I have blogged, so thought I would offer some advice on choosing your button bouquet maker. First off, if there is a photo of their work on their page - do ask them to clarify they made it. Too many companies are using photographs of other peoples work and passing it off as their own. This has happened to me on more than a couple of occasions.

Secondly, do not buy button bouquets that are made using oasis or a bouquet holder. Stacks of buttons/jewellery/brooches are heavy! The oasis cannot take the weight of the buttons (even if glued in). This is a big no no in my honest opinion. Ask the maker what they use before you go ahead and order.

Photos - ask for photos of progress - this lets you have a say in how it is being made and a chance for the maker to make any changes as they go rather than get to the finished bouquet and then you want to change it.

Price - we all have to start somewhere when starting a business, but if the price seems too good to be true - then it probably is! The quality of buttons/material may not be up to your expectation. We can all make bouquets look good in photos by using certain angles so make sure you satisfy yourself with the quality of work.

Pictures of the underneath/handle. All reputable bouquet makers are extremely good at their work (and probably perfectionists) who finish off their bouquets beautifully. They will show off their handy-work on the underneath of their bouquets. If you haven't seen the stems or underneath of their bouquets - perhaps ask yourself why.

Buttonholes. Buttonholes are fiddly to make. Make sure when you order yours that you see photos of previous buttonholes made. I have seen some which have been wrapped in ribbon but are all over the place and look a right mess - all bent and not finished off nicely. The ribbon should be wrapped neatly and evenly around the stems - this also applies to your bouquet handle.

Hope this helps :)