Free Standing Diplodocus Dinosaur Craft Kit


Free Standing Diplodocus Dinosaur Craft Kit


Decorate a Diplodocus Dinosaur.  We will supply you with

  • 1 x pre-painted free-standing Diplodocus Dinosaur

  • Buttons and embellishments

  • 1 x pot of PVA (washable) glue

  • 1 x brush for adding your glue. 

Dinosaur measures approximately 200mm. 

Buttons/embellishments in photo are an example. Yours will vary from those in the photo. 

Warning - Choking Hazard. Contains small parts. This item is not intended for use by children under the age of five. Supervision is always recommended.   PVA Glue is washable.  Do not ingest.

Paint Colour:
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